Kearin Drums & Vocals



I became interested in drums at the age of 4 years old & got my fist real kit when I was 9. I remember it very clearly!

It was a Gigster by Premier. The skins were made of pig or goatskin

I Practised at home upsetting the neighbours for 3 years .

I then bought a Beverly Jazz Kit.

When I was 17 I changed to a Pearl Maxwin, touring Italy and Germany with it.

I continued with this kit in a band called "Vitus Dance" all through the punk years including a John Peel session at Radio1.

Around 1978 I joined "Misdemeanour" and continued with the same kit. During this time I also did a lot of session recording using this kit.

I then changed my musical direction and started playing covers in a club band called "Spice"



I acquired a Slingerland kit and used this for many years, working with various cover bands through the years including a band called "RTZ", which was a 3 piece Santana type tribute band.

I now gig with either my Yamaha Stage Custom, or my latest kit;

The Amazing Roland TD 12 !!!


(No I didn't get paid to say that!)