Graham Keys

Victim of a crap education in Maidstone, Kent, but lucky enough to get piano lessons as a child, until the teacher told me to leave & never come back after learning Cliff & The Shadow's 'Summer Holiday' and playing it to her instead of Jesu' Joy of Mans Desiring! (I had actually learned that also!)


Dropped out of an electronics engineering apprenticeship when I discovered I was making nose cones for Polaris Missiles!

I joined a Rock & Roll Band called "Krishna Kudu" (Means South American Antelope!)

First keys were a Vox Continental Twin Manual & I still own it (but I don't often gig with it!)

Got sacked from the band for smoking weed! (I gave up that and cigarettes many years ago!)





Built my own disco set up & became a dj in late 60's.

Continued to play in bands with strange names! S.T.Dog Blues Bowl - Sturdy Cattle - you name it


Got a job as keyboard player backing a singer called Eddie Travells who was touring all the clubs up north.

We regularly got booed off stage as the guy couldn't sing in tune. Those weren't the days!


Moved from Kent to Dorset 1971. Worked as a bus driver in Salibury for a few years and then moved to Bath

Continued dj'ing & started playing as a pianist in bars & restaurants to earn a crust. Joined a band/theatre group called "Rocky Ricketts & the Jet Pilots of Jive, featuring the Fabulous Rockettes" - Part of the Natural Theatre Group.

It was a hilarious show about an ageing rock & roll star trying to make a comeback. Was very politically incorrect! There was even a 'manager' who would come on stage and dust the pa system with a feather duster & arrange flowers! We toured the UK playing universities mainly.

During that time, I met Max Cann & some other nutters, and formed "Spoons"

 Probably the best band I ever played in, and we should have made it, but sadly it wasn't to be.

Other bands after that were "One To One" (Pity we didn't copyright the name!) and "Casablanca"

1985 formed Electrofix in Clifton, Bristol, a business repairing band & studio equipment. 2000 opened a shop at the same address, selling band & studio equipment

click on the image to go to the electrofix website

During that time, I also installed & engineered at a 24 track studio, worked as the electrician in charge of Glastonbury Festival, but it became too big & corporate for my liking. My accountant BriantheBass and Kearin asked me if I would dep as a keyboard player in their band called Roxy. Apparently, I was so good they asked me to play with them permanently. Three years ago, Kearin, and I decided to form our own band, and I introduced Max so here we are!


Oh, and in my spare time (hahaha) I designed this website!