Equipment List

All our gear is Certified P.A.T. Tested (Electrical Safety Tested) as required by Law (you would be suprised how many bands do not have a certificate!)

We are also fully covered by Public Liability Insurance



Roland TD 12

Kustom Monitoring System



Korg Triton Pro,

Korg Karma,

Nord Electro 2,

Behringer Pro Mixer,

Carlsbro Powerline 500 Amp,

Carslsbro Gamma Monitors





Fender Stratocaster,

Custom built Juergen Volkert Acoustic

Fender Twin Combo

Trace Elliot Acoustic Combo

Korg Effects



HK Audio Elements System 2.5 Kwatts

Carlsbro Stage Monitors

Allen & Heath Live Mixing Console

Twin 31 band graphics, Alesis Effects

Shure SM58 vocals, Shure SM57 instruments


Scanner Radio Mics (for speeches etc.)

Sony Pro CD Player (for music in between sets)

Sony Pro Mini Disc Player (ditto)

Stage Lights

8 x PAR 56 cans, 2 x NJD Quartet Colour Floods, Floor uplight floods, Acme Scanner & Stageline Water Effect (for backdrop)

Dance Floor Lights

Moonflowers, Gobo Flowers, Scanners & Lasers

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